Temporary Recruitment

Does your business need short, medium, or long term support? If so, an immediate on-hire temporary employee might be the ideal solution.

To ensure we have the right people at a moment’s notice, we continually meet and screen new candidates. This includes reference checks and pre-employment drug screenings. 

“JK has extensive experience in temporary recruitment across Western Victoria for a multitude of industries such as energy, transport and agriculture”

Tell us who you need, and we’ll have that person ready to start. But our work doesn’t end there. We’ll ensure your new temporary employee settles in and is delivering on work expectations.

With JK Personnel, you won’t miss a beat in being able to deliver business as usual.

Need someone Fast?

Click on the link below and fill in the basic position details of the person/s you need. We’ll immediately identify potential candidates and let you know what the next steps are.

Or, simpy call us now on (03) 5332 9955

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