JK are able to provide both short term on-hire solutions and permanent and executive recruitment services. No matter whether you require a particular skill for an immediate ongoing vacancy or you just need an extra pair of hands for a project, or want to take your time to find the perfect long term fit for an upcoming vacancy JK is here to help!

On-Hire Services

Fill your requirement within 24 hours.
Available on an hourly On-Hire basis from as little as three hours through to an ongoing casual arrangement all year round.
All Candidates are fully screened including skill, reference and verification screening.
JK employs the On-Hire team member so they look after all the associated employee costs and potential risks involved.

Perfect solution for:

Ideal for leave coverage.
Ongoing On-Hire staff at short notice.
Cover a peak period in the office or a busy production time.
Fill an immediate need until a key position is filled.

Permanent Recruitment

Utilise JK’s unsurpassed reputation to ensure that the next addition to your team not only has the skills and experience you require, but importantly has the right cultural fit.
Remove the stress, time and hassle involved so you can remain focused on core business.
Guarantee a result – JK do not charge until the role is successfully filled.
JK are experts at not only tapping into available talent but are skilled at putting them through their paces to understand key strengths and/or limitations.

Why JK?

When selecting JK to take on the responsibility of identifying the next addition to your team, they will want to know about your business as a whole and not just the needs of this one position. It is essential that they understand your culture and environment, the personalities they will be working with, any gaps within your team and your business long term goals. Once these objectives are defined, JK is then able to source the best candidate who will be a match for the role and a fit with your business long term.

Executive Search

Jennifer Kelly has close to 20 years’ experience in recruiting for executive positions within Ballarat and the surrounding region. When it comes to Executive Recruitment, there is no one better networked in the region to provide insightful, knowledgeable and proactive strategic advice.

Whether you are looking to appoint your next CEO, General Manager or Management Accountant, JK’s Executive Search is well positioned and experienced to identify executive talent with the highest potential from within your competitors or relevant target organisations. JK’s Executive Recruitment Service is for those senior, specific and potentially game changing hires your business will rarely make. Getting these types of appointments right can be the difference between an average future or a great future for your business.

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments provide objective data to support management decisions, development activities and they can:

  • Enhance the recruitment process by ensuring better applicant fit and delivering maximum impartiality and validation to the selection process.
  • Provide objective measures in development activities for coaching and training.
  • Allow the identification of preferred leadership styles and personal attributes for greater team fit.
  • Map personal development and career options.

Using JK’s Psychometric Assessment Services will positively energise your organisation’s relationships with your people and measurably sharpen your competitive edge. By introducing assessments into your organisation you will:

  • Make better informed hiring decisions.
  • Increase accuracy of selection process and decrease risk of personal bias in the selection process.
  • Decrease risk of unsuccessful hires and increase employee retention.
  • Increase employee fit with the organisations culture , role and team and assist in future staff performance or future management decisions.

The Psychometric Assessment tools that JK use offer:

  • Internationally recognised and comprehensive psychometric models.
  • Extensive written reports that are competency based against your requirements.
  • Interpretation of assessment results through JK’s qualified professionals.