• Organisations can ensure that their obligations to either existing or departing employees are managed in a caring and professional manner thereby giving the individual the best chance of developing their career to its maximum potential.
  • Outplacement services support and guide departing employees, helping them move on more confidently to a new role and assist in turning the redundancy process into a more positive experience for the individual.
  • The JK Outplacement Model helps to safe guard any negativity that could potentially flow on from the redundancy process and the Employer is seen in a more positive light by offering this support.

At JK, their Outplacement service is driven by an individuals needs and not by set processes. We take the time to listen and understand the individual’s hopes and fears to produce specific advice. JK ensures the individual markets themselves effectively, search and identify opportunities, and present a professional resume to represent their skills and experience. JK provides the individual with best practice, up to date advice and practicle support and skills, giving them the confidence to find a career path that is right for them.