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September 2020

Street dining to resurrect Geelong CBD

Under a new proposal to help hospitality businesses recover from the pandemic, Geelong streets could transform into temporary open-air dining spaces. While some businesses had survived on takeaway services during the lock-down, temporary outdoor…...Read More
August 2020

Geelong highlights a new business model out of COVID.

Geelong and greater Victoria are now in the throes of another lock-down, so most are again working from home. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 4 in 10 workers have shifted to…...Read More
July 2020

Tips for Recruiting New Employees

Finding the right employee for your business doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect. Over the years, we’ve developed a number of unique techniques that enable us to attract and select the best possible…...Read More
June 2020

Keeping employees engaged under difficult circumstances

Employee engagement is critical to productivity, retention and dependability of staff. It can not only be defined by how invested, committed, motivated and engaged the employee is with their role, but how invested they…...Read More
May 2020

COVID-19: Why Community Spirit Matters

In just a matter of months, we have seen first-hand how something like COVID-19 can devastate our global and local economies, bringing to light just how important community is.  This is no more evident…...Read More
May 2020

COVID-19: Will we continue working from home? 

The blurred line between work and home life might not be temporary. When the restrictions begin to lift, children might be back at school, but many white-collar workers could be encouraged to continue working from…...Read More
March 2020

How to stay motivated on your job search

You think your job interview went really well. On paper, you seem to be the perfect fit. But then you get that dreaded phone call or email…they’ve decided to go with someone else. Your…...Read More
February 2020

Continued Ballarat Growth Expands Geelong Workforce

The employment landscape in Geelong has experienced one of the countries largest employment shifts in the last decade, from the closure of the Avalon maintenance base for Qantas (2014), Alcoa’s Point Henry Aluminium Smelter…...Read More
January 2020

The Cost of a Bad Hire

A great hire can improve productivity, boost office morale, and positively impact the company’s bottom line. Hiring the wrong person can have a negative flow-on effect that can significantly hurt any business – big…...Read More
December 2019

Work trends to watch in 2020

With a new decade just around the corner, here’s what to look for in the year ahead. Company Culture Employees now see a strong company culture as essential. It’s no longer just a ‘nice…...Read More
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