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May 2021

Vic Business Update: May 2021

Ballarat Gov Hub Opens Ballarat’s GovHub officially opened in May. The hub will house up to 1,000 Victorian Government workers, including up to 600 public sector positions relocated from Melbourne. Population forecasts suggest an…...Read More
April 2021

Where are the job opportunities in Victoria right now?

The latest job data from SEEK suggests that it’s now easier to get a job in 20 out of 28 national sectors, than it was before the pandemic. In fact, the data reveals there…...Read More
March 2021

Quality of jobs vs quantity in COVID recovery

JobKeeper has certainly provided a lifeline to millions of Australians throughout the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, with the subsidy set to end later this month, will Australia head toward a ‘fiscal cliff,’…...Read More
February 2021

Taking advantage of regional shift

In the September quarter, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show the majority of people leaving Greater Melbourne, head for a regional city centre. Nationally, capital cities were also losing people to regional…...Read More
January 2021

Job opportunities in 2021

Big data Some of the best job prospects in 2021 will be around data. The use of data will continue to grow in big businesses and government. In fact, the National Skills Commission has…...Read More
January 2021

Are you ready for a career change? 6 questions you should ask yourself.

We can expect up to 7 career changes during our working life. It might be a result of boredom, redundancy, or new ambitions.  If you’re looking for a career change in 2021, here are…...Read More
December 2020

Workplace Trends for 2021

Mental Health When employees suffer workplace stress they often turn towards technology before people for support. Behaviour that is on the rise, due to many now working from home, unable to access traditional methods…...Read More
November 2020

Working from home: How to climb the ladder, not the walls

Having successfully reduced the spread of COVID, the future is looking a little brighter for Victorian’s however, for the foreseeable future, many will still be working from home.  Even though you might feel stuck…...Read More
October 2020

COVID: from full-time to part-time employment

September’s labour force figures show a shift from full-time to part-time employment. In September there were just over 3 million people (outside Victoria), working part-time, compared with the 2.98m in March. Overall, we have…...Read More
September 2020

What’s the current employment outlook?

The second stage of JobKeeper began on 28 September, which means the government’s financial assistance has ended for many businesses across the country. What will this mean for the employment market? Employment is perhaps…...Read More
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