At JK Personnel we understand that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Graduate and Volume Recruitment.

We partner with your organisation to develop bespoke Graduate and Volume Recruitment solutions that align with your strategic businesses needs.

JK’s evidence based and best practice systems, tools, and processes will help you identify the next generation of talent.

JK leverages a Success Profiling approach to develop a shared understanding of what success looks like in your role and organisation. We then build a targeted attraction and assessment strategy to ensure your business recruits the best available talent.

Our highly qualified team of Recruitment and Organisational Development specialists have a proven track record of delivering results.

We have partnered with some of Australia’s largest public and private organisations to deliver end-to-end Graduate and Volume Recruitment Solutions.

A Success Profile is a blueprint for success that identifies the key Knowledge, Skills, Behavioral Styles, and experience an individual will need to be an effective leader in your organisation.

Each piece of Knowledge, Skill, Behavior, or Experience is broken down into a group of behaviors called a competency. Through breaking down success into observable behaviors it allows individuals and people leaders within a business to make informed and objective evaluations of an individual’s suitability for a given role.

Unlike traditional Position Descriptions that only provide a list of job-related duties, a Success Profile provides a holistic, objective, and shared understanding of high performance.

In addition to informing recruitment decisions, the Success Profile can help your business train and on-board new team members by providing an objective evaluation of the individuals strengths and weaknesses.

JK Personnel's Assessment Tools

JK Personnel leverages a wide range of tools to attract and assess talent within a Graduate or Volume Recruitment solution. These tools can include:

Industry Events & Career Fairs Asynchronous Video Interviews Social Media Marketing Campaigns Resume Review & Screening Phone Screening & Interviews Psychometric Assessment Bespoke Assessment Centers Medical Assessments Validation of Qualifications & Visas Behavioral Based Interviews Offer Negotiation On-boarding Support Employment Market Insights Applied Skills Testing

Our clients include: