JK Personnel understands the transformational impact senior leaders have on business performance. From defining the direction of your organisation, to fostering high performing teams, modern leaders are proactive, flexible, and future focused.

Delivered by JK’s Managing Director and internal team of Organisational Development experts, the Executive Search Talent Solution provides your business access to national and local networks of leaders. With over 24 years of experience in regional recruitment and Executive Search, our team will help you identify the unique blend of experience and capability that will allow a leader to take your business to the next level. Our approach is underpinned by industry leading attraction and assessment strategies to deliver your business results and ensure you make the right hiring decision. JK’s Executive Search process typically takes between four and twelve weeks from first contact through to employee start.

Detailed Job Brief

JK’s Managing Director and team of specialists will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your business and your staffing needs. Our highly structured best practice process ensures that we capture the unique blend of skills and experience required for success in each role.

At JK we understand that finding the right candidate is about more than just experience. That’s why we employ a best practice Success Profiling process to ensure we understand the behavioural style and approach that sets a someone up for success in your business. This gives you confidence to make objective and informed hiring decisions.


From developing a tailored advertising strategy to managing inquiries and applications, JK’s professional team applies decades of recruitment experience and industry expertise to ensure your business is positively represented in the employment market.

We advertise your role across a diverse range of Job Boards, social media platforms, and the JK website. This guarantees that your role reaches the maximum number of potential candidates, and is great marketing for your business.

We communicate regularly with you throughout the advertising process, so you’ll always feel informed and confident about the progress of your recruitment campaign.

Proactive Candidate Attraction

JK’s Managing Director and Recruitment Consultants will proactively identify and engage high potential candidates from our extensive databases and national networks of business leaders. This process ensures your business has access to leaders who otherwise wouldn’t be in the employment market, and maximizes your opportunity of finding the right candidate.

As regional recruitment specialists with over 24 years of experience, JK has a talent pool of over 8,000 registered candidates. We also have access millions of additional candidates through national databases such as LinkedIn Recruiter and Seek Talent Database.

Application Screening

Each application is carefully reviewed and assessed against the Success Profile by JK’s Managing Director and team of  specialists to ensure every application we progress has the right blend of skills and experience for the role. Phone screens are completed with high potential candidates to allow our Recruitment Consultants to develop a deep understanding of an applicants suitability.

Behavioral Panel Interview

JK Personnel’s Managing Director and team of specialists design and complete bespoke Behaviorally Based Interviews with high potential candidates to further plore their experience, and alignment with the Behavioural Success Profile. This allows our internal panel of experts to develop a deep understanding of their suitability for a role with your organisation.

These interviews can be completed face-to-face or via online video conferencing, and follow best-practice evidence based approaches.

Psychometric Assessment

JK Partners with industry leading aptitude and psychometric assessment providers such as SHL and Acer to offer a range of assessments that provide you with an objective evaluation of a candidates strengths, weaknesses, and behavioral styles in the workplace.

Our team of Organisational Development specialists will design a bespoke psychometric assessment solution based around the unique nature of your business and the role. All psychometric assessment is included in the Executive Search recruitment package.

Shortlist Presentation

JK’s Shortlist Presentation will equip you with the information and insights needed to interview high potential candidates and make an informed hiring decision. Our Managing Director and Organisational Development specialists will provide your business with detailed insights into each candidate, unpack the results of psychometric testing and assessment, and help you understand recruitment market conditions. A full breakdown of unsuccessful candidates will also be provided, so you can move forward with confidence.

Panel Interview Participation

JK’s Managing Director and team of specialists will cofacilitate panel interviews with shortlisted candidates and key stakeholders within your business. From designing bespoke interview guides based on psychometric assessments to post-interview debrief, our team will ensure that you maximise the value of the interview process.

Reference Checks & Contract Negotiation

Once you’ve selected a candidate that’s right for you we will take the hassle out of the on-boarding paperwork. JK’s Recruitment Consultants will complete reference checks on your behalf, negotiate a start date, and generate a contract as part of our Executive Search package.

Medical Assessment, Drug Screen, & Police Check

JK will organise Drug Screens, Medical Assessments, and/or Police Checks as part of the Executive Search. Our longstanding partnerships with trusted providers ensures that we can turn around pre-employment tests and assessments quickly, allowing for a smooth and efficient onboarding process.

Post Placement Support

At JK our service doesn’t stop once a candidate starts with your business. Our team of Organisational Development specialists will leverage insights from the psychometric assessment to help your team build an on-boarding program that will set the successful candidate up for success in their role.

Success Profiling

A Success Profile is a blueprint for success that identifies the key Knowledge, Skills, Behavioral Styles, and experience an individual will need to be an effective leader in your organisation. Each piece of Knowledge, Skill, Behavior, or Experience is broken down into a group of behaviors called a competency. Through breaking down success into observable behaviors it allows individuals and people leaders within a business to make informed and objective evaluations of an individual’s suitability for a given role.

Unlike traditional Position Descriptions that only provide a list of job-related duties, a Success Profile provides a holistic, objective, and shared understanding of high performance. In addition to informing recruitment decisions, the Success Profile can help your business train and on-board new team members by providing an objective evaluation of the individuals strengths and weaknesses.

Psychometric Assessment

JK Personnel partners with a range of leading psychometric assessment specialists to provide your business with in depth objective insights into a candidates suitability for a role within your organisation. Our Executive Search Talent Solution includes the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) for up to three high potential candidates. The OPQ measures 32 specific personality characteristics, and provides you with comprehensive and evidence based understanding of how aspects of an individuals behavioral style will affect his or her performance in the workplace.

The SHL OPQ helps you to identify the best-fit applicants for a given role, and make the right hiring decision. Our qualified team of Organisational Development professionals will work with you to unpack each candidates psychometric assessment results and reveal powerful insights.

Our clients include: