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JK Personnel was established in 1997, founded on integrity, trust and fairness. Today, JK is one of the most well-known and well-respected boutique recruitment agencies across Ballarat and the Central Highlands region. This is because JK believes in people and the power of an individual to support and grow a successful business.

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We can identify potential candidates from our talent pool or advertise the position for you.

Recruitment Services

Our proven end-to-end recruitment service will not only identify the right candidates from the start but help you keep focused on the business, not the process.

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Temporary Recruitment Services

Does your business need immediate short, medium or long term support? If so, an on-hire temporary employee might be the ideal solution.

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HR Consulting

As businesses grow and change, the need for additional resources can bridge the HR gap, enabling your organisation to manage more than just the day-to-day challenges.

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Providing an external Career Transition Support Service during significant change e.g. an organisational restructure, can significantly ease the process for all involved.

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“Make your business thrive by utilising our expertise in recruitment, people management, workforce planning & human resources.” Tim Walshe, JK Director & General Manager

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